Selecting a Smart Parking Solution – choosing among the alternative technologies

Defining selection criteria Whether you are an enterprise facilities manager, municipal transportation department head or a private parking asset operator, selecting among various available smart parking solutions is not as easy as it may appear at first glance. Each of those solution approaches have different pro's and con's and each of them make work better

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Pros and Cons of Smart Parking Systems

With progressing urbanisation and increasing availability of the cars and ride hailing services, inefficient parking has become a huge burden for drivers. Motorists on average spend 30% of their driving time in cities looking for free spaces and that causes much frustration and stress. INRIX studied drivers’ parking behaviour in 30 cities in the UK,

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2018 Emerging Smart Parking Trends

Over the past decade, technological advances and shifts in social attitudes have dramatically changed the way we view urban mobility. The transformation of the auto industry has affected not only the way we move from point A to point B, but it also has left a significant impact on energy companies, insurers, health care, the

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Detection Perfection – Accuracy is the Name of the Game

Object recognition (r)evolution In this age of rapidly advancing and ever-accelerating technological progress, many ideas deemed impossible yesterday are transformed into reality today. In the domain of object detection, for example, Google’s best algorithms could only recognize a cat in a photo “just” 70% of the time in 2012. Now, Google’s AI is able to

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