Parking Guidance System

Comprehensive wireless platform including sensors, DMS, dashboard, and user app

  • Fast, flexible and easy-to-install and configure
  • Indoor, Outdoor, and Rooftops
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Cost-effective


Designed to fit every parking detection environment

  • Exceptional Accuracy in all environments
  • Per Space & Car Counting
  • LoRaWAN Support
  • Up to 10-year battery life

Open APIs & SDKs

Empowering Web and Mobile App Development for fast, scalable, and secure data integration

  • Real-time and historical APIs
  • Utilization Charts and Heatmaps
  • Web Widgets
  • REST, AMQP, and GraphQL
  • Android, iOS and Flutter SDK

Secure Park ID

Per space, secure Park ID & contactless access

  • Contactless space management
  • Bluetooth Tag or Mobile App check-in