Back to the Office with Smart Parking

Paul Ilyasov, CEONews

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Employee parking is critical to going back to the office. With private cars now preferred over mass transit, employers need to step up technology adoption to improve the safety and convenience of employee parking post-COVID.​ High-contact transportation options such as mass transit, ridesharing, and carpooling are posing an immediate challenge for people returning to work.  Across the U.S., public transit agencies are cutting service and reducing their workforces as they face a worsening cash crunch. The often-predicted transition away from personal vehicle ownership in favor of alternative transportation has slowed, driving an increase in parking demand. … Read More

Selecting a Smart Parking Solution – choosing among the alternative technologies

Paul Ilyasov, CEONews

Defining selection criteria Whether you are an enterprise facilities manager, municipal transportation department head or a private parking asset operator, selecting among various available smart parking solutions is not as easy as it may appear at first glance. Each of those solution approaches have different pro’s and con’s and each of them make work better than another for your specific … Read More

Importance of sensor specs/KPI’s to a smart parking solution

Paul Ilyasov, CEONews

Technical characteristics (specs) of parking sensors are not just “specs” that make engineers happy – these often directly translate into additional revenue earned or operational costs savings, thus should be considered as important KPI’s for a smart parking project. The following are several key KPI’s that you can impact your project’s reliability, CAPEX and OPEX. Relative importance will vary depending … Read More

Coronavirus is stress-testing delivery companies: learn how smart parking technology supports you

Patrick NoonNews

Logistics companies have played a major role in supporting society throughout the coronavirus lockdown. Delivery firms are now a lifeline for the economy, ensuring that goods get to people who need them most.  However, as vital as delivery firms have been, there have been several occasions when the sheer demand for their services has left customers disappointed. For instance, Ocado, … Read More

Pros and Cons of Smart Parking Systems

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

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With progressing urbanisation and increasing availability of the cars and ride hailing services, inefficient parking has become a huge burden for drivers. Motorists on average spend 30% of their driving time in cities looking for free spaces and that causes much frustration and stress. INRIX studied drivers’ parking behaviour in 30 cities in the UK, US, and Germany and estimated … Read More

City Parking Solutions Throughout the Time

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

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Parking problems have always been an issue since the very first automobiles were invented. But it got even worse with the progressing urbanization and population expansion. Today in the US, for example, there are 8 parking spots for every car, parking lots on the average cover about 30% of cities, and collectively take up as much space as the state … Read More

What the Future Holds for Car Parking? E&T Interview with Yury Birchenko

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

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With all the advances in the automotive industry that we’ve seen in the past decade, finding a parking spot is still as frustrating as ever. Today, we see how technology has reshaped completely the taxi sphere, and autonomous cars are no longer a science fiction, and just a matter of a few years. … Read More

Future of Nwave & Smart Parking

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

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The future of parking is smart and frictionless! In his interview, Yury Birchenko, CTO and Founder of Nwave shares the story of bringing true digital transformation to parking and urban mobility. The unmatched, in many criteria, sensor technology stands as a leader of vehicle detection, bringing easy and stress-free experience for both drivers and parking operators. … Read More

2018 Emerging Smart Parking Trends

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

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Over the past decade, technological advances and shifts in social attitudes have dramatically changed the way we view urban mobility. The transformation of the auto industry has affected not only the way we move from point A to point B, but it also has left a significant impact on energy companies, insurers, health care, the car manufacturing industry, and even government policies. … Read More