Base Station Transceiver

The Nwave Gateway 1000 is a dedicated fixed radio station for ultra-narrow band wireless protocols. The gateway feature software-defined radio (SDR) technology with a high-sampling rate, covering all sub-1GHz frequencies. It is primarily designed to serve radio modems using the Nwave protocol, which gives a transmission range of up to 10km in an urban environment, and 20-30km in open country, while allowing power-autonomous operation of 10 years using a single AA lithium battery. As the Gateway 1000 uses SDR it can also be configured to receive other radio protocols.

The Nwave Gateway 1000 has best-in-class installation and maintenance costs, is IP66/7 rated and can operate reliably in the most extreme environments and conditions. This allows installation of the Gateway 1000 directly next to its antenna, thus minimizing link budget loss in the coaxial feed line. The Gateway 1000 is powered by ethernet, allowing connection to existing ethernet systems in the event of this being preferable to a mains power connection.

Key features:

  • License-exempt sub-1GHz ISM frequency bands
  • Configurable for operation with other radio protocols
  • Configuration and administration with convenient web-based toolset
  • FCC certified
  • Best narrowband gateway for small data M2M/IoT applications
  • Up to 10km range in urban environments


  • Ruggedized for operation in extreme conditions – IP66/67
  • Does not emit high power RF
  • Low power without sacrificing link budget
  • Supports PoE
  • Data rate 100bps via Nwave