Nwave uses ultra narrow band (UNB) radio technology combined with advanced software defined radio (SDR) techniques to provide its communications network for the Internet of Things. Ultra narrow band, which operates in internationally available and unlicensed
sub-1GHz radio spectrum (ISM bands), allows for excellent signal propagation, giving exceptional in-building penetration and range, while consuming very little power.

Nwave’s advanced de-modulation techniques allow our network to co-exist within the ISM bands with other radio technologies without the risk of collisions and capacity problems.

Unlike some other IoT communications technologies that require the use of a mesh network, UNB is also highly scalable, allowing for high capacity networks with a simple star architecture, whereby devices communicate directly with base station transceivers. Nwave has worked hard to ensure that data sent over its networks are secure, so our platform is suitable for use in applications where data privacy and security are critical.