The challenge of finding a parking space leads to problems ranging from traffic congestion and pollution to lost retail and parking revenues. Nwave has developed Sparkit, a low-cost, high-performance wireless parking sensor to address these problems through efficient real-time parking monitoring and management.

The Sparkit sensor communicates with parking
management applications over an nwave network

and provides the following benefits:

Drivers can find a parking space quickly via mobile apps or connected LED signage.
Parking space information can be linked to parking payment applications to ensure maximum efficiency of paid parking systems.
Congestion is reduced by up to 30% as drivers spend less time searching for parking spaces.
Significantly reduced exhaust emissions improve urban environment.
Retailers can interact with drivers to help them find parking spaces nearest to where they want to shop.
Parking enforcement efficiency is significantly improved, reducing costs and increasing revenues.
Analysis of rich parking data sets enable efficient city planning.
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