Parking Sensor

The Sparkit wireless parking sensor from Nwave brings efficient and affordable smart parking technology to the widest possible market. The rugged, electro-magnetic sensor, which is fitted directly into each parking space, requires no wires or street furniture and has a battery life of several years. The sensor detects parking events, using advanced filtering and noise reduction techniques to differentiate parking events from electromagnetic interference or false events such as an underground train passing. Using Nwave’s revolutionary ultra narrow band M2M communications technology, which combines high transmission ranges of up to ten kilometres in urban environments, with unbeatably low power consumption, data are then transmitted across the Nwave network for further processing and delivery into the end-user’s system.

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Key features:

  • FCC certified
  • Low cost with rapid ROI for customers
  • Highly efficient antenna design for optimised transmission range and efficiency


  • Wireless transmission means no wiring or additional street furniture
  • Operates over Nwave’s secure IoT communications network
  • Easy integration with existing parking management front-end and back-end systems