Problem statement:

High-value Spaces. No Wires. No Power. No Connectivity.


Solution statement:

Nwave’s UnWireTM IoT Connectivity Solution – Powering Applications for a world of UnWired Spaces.


Nwave’s UnWired IoTTM Connectivity Solution – Extending the reach of IoT to Applications that live in a world of UnWired spaces.

The Nwave UnWired IoTTM connectivity solution empowers application vendors to add IoT capabilities to their products when they need to transform high-value spaces.

The opportunity to transform the world with IoT is enormous.

Vendors will be able to complete vertical solutions that encompass applications, devices, sensor-derived data, analytics, and an infrastructure built from the ground up to support those apps. At Nwave, our passion and focus is on delivering the ideal IoT end-to-end infrastructure.

Gain insights from your spaces to deliver IoT value for your applications. We’re using analytics and innovative IoT technology to deliver traffic, parking, and security optimization solutions to owners of large-scale parking assets in sports, entertainment, lodging, Fortune 500 corporations, and government. Our work spans key trends such as connected and autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, smart cities and connected devices and we innovate by utilizing real-time sensory data to transform under-performing parking assets into high-value customer services that make it easier for people to move around our increasingly populated urban areas.

Explore Nwave’s highly secure, application-optimized wireless connectivity solution for high-value spaces.


Profit from the Connected Space opportunity with the Nwave UnWired IoTTM connectivity solution.

Discover how Nwave makes the IoT reachable to your applications in disconnected high-value spaces, and puts new data within reach of your applications for improved value and profitability.



Connect and instrument spaces quickly and securely. Whether you’re adding IoT functionality to an existing app, or designing an entirely new IoT-enabled app, Nwave has the secure, sensored infrastructure, and engineering expertise to get you up and running, quickly, securely and at scale.



Manage instrumented spaces and the data they produce. Reduce the complexity and cost of operating an IoT connected business and get everything you need for connecting spaces to your application. Built on an innovative architecture, Nwave’s team of physicists has engineered a simple yet highly secure, scalable, and power-sipping connectivity solution. Nwave gets your IoT-powered application up and running fast.



Engage with customers in new ways. Maximize your value creation by leveraging the UnWired IoTTM to capture and turn real-time data into customer-centric actions. Nwave manages IoT connectivity so you can focus on managing your business.