Nwave Wireless PGS – Solution Architecture & Major Components

Nwave wireless detections sensors – foundation of a Wireless PGS solution

Nwave wireless battery-operated vehicle detection sensors serve as the foundation of Nwave’s Wireless PGS. Operating in per-space mode, they capture individual parking space occupancy in real-time with 99.9% accuracy, ultimately allowing the Wireless PGS to direct drivers to even the very last remaining open parking space in in near-capacity garages.

Deployed in a counting mode in ingress and egress lanes, Nwave sensors deliver a wireless total vehicle count solution with up to 99%+ accuracy, that can be further complemented with per-space sensors in select high-value spaces to enable cost-effective “hybrid” WPGS solutions.

Leveraging mobile 4G connectivity to reduce reliance on client’s IT systems

Nwave sensors communicate wirelessly using long-range radio protocol to “base stations” that gather and pass sensor data to Nwave Cloud system typically using a 4G mobile internet connection, but can also use an available Ethernet or WiFi connection. Wireless data communication between sensors and base stations completely eliminates a need for an extensive network of conduits, cabling and supporting infrastructure typical for a traditional wired sensors or camera-based systems. Using 4G mobile internet connectivity keeps the WPGS system separate from the facility’s own network, minimizing the need for the customer’s IT engagement and minimizing IT security concerns.

Nwave Cloud – for device management, health status alerts and API interface

Nwave Cloud platform enables sensors and base stations management, and serves as an interface to the rich library of Nwave APIs, that can both drive the remaining elements of Nwave’s Wireless PGS, and can also easily integrate in other 3rd party platforms and parking systems.

Nwave DMSs – a great complement for any indoor and outdoor project

Nwave wireless full-matrix Digital Message Signs are a “must” component for effective traffic flow management for any built facilities, and a significant benefit for many outdoor projects. Wireless data communication used in Nwave’s DMSs eliminates a need for ethernet connection or 4G modem/SIM cards typical for other DMS systems, further leveraging wireless benefits of Nwave’s WPGS.

Delivering PGS value via Analytics Insights, Mobile App and intuitive DMS wayfinding

Driven by real-time and historical API data streams, Nwave Dashboard Analytics platform, Mobile Driver App and Digital Message Signs (DMS) then enable end-customer delivery of real the time data, operational insights to operators and elevated parking experience and convenience to drivers.

Secure Park ID – powering advanced driver-specific solutions

Inherently built into Nwave sensors, Secure Park ID technology is also available for customers to power a range of a range of advanced solutions such as visitor and permit management space reservation, contactless payments, and other parking control applications. enable enhanced driver

Radically open solution infrastructure – selecting only the modules you need, seamless integration with existing systems

Nwave’s Wireless PGS solution architecture is radically open, a significant departure from many other solution providers in the market. Our customers are able to select a complete Nwave Wireless PGS solution, or choose any of the WPGS’s elements they need to complement their existing systems – Sensors, APIs, DMS, Dashboard Analytics, Mobile Driver App, Secure Park ID. Nwave Wireless PGS also seamlessly integrates with other parking systems and solutions deployed in your facility: PARCS, LPR, reservation and payment systems.

Nwave Wireless Vehicle Detection Sensors

  • Exceptional Accuracy in all environments

  • Surface-mount modification for ease of installation

  • Flush-mount/in-ground modification for extreme weather and operational conditions

  • Per Space & Car Counting

  • LoRaWAN Support

  • Up to 10-year battery life

APIs and SDKs

  • Real-time, historical & analytics APIs

  • Utilization Charts and Heatmaps

  • Web Widgets

  • REST, AMQP, and GraphQL

  • Android, iOS and Flutter SDK

Flexible & Intuitive Digital Message Sings (DMS)

  • Entrance, level/zone, directional DMS displays

  • Full Color RGB Bright LED Matrix Display

  • Easy to Re-Configure: Standard or Custom Graphics.

  • Wireless data controller: no Ethernet cables, no SIM cards.

  • Outdoor/IP66 Protection

Parking Management Analytics

  • Real-time and historical data with highest level of granularity – totals, per-level, per-zone, per space type (EV/ADA, etc.)

  • Peak hours, dwell time, turnover

  • Utilization charts and heatmaps

  • Map view for outdoor and indoor projects

  • Data export in CVS format

  • Seamless integration into client’s dashboards, web pages, etc.

Mobile Driver App

  • City/project/lot summary and per-space view

  • Category-specific summary view, color-code per-space symbols (EV, ADA, etc.)

  • Starting local phone Navigation App (Google Maps, iOS Maps) for turn-by-turn navigation to selected location

  • Available for white-labeling and as an SDK for incorporating in 3rd-pary Apps.

Secure Park ID

  • Contactless access, space management

  • Driver-specific behavior analytics

  • Bluetooth Tag or Mobile App check-in

  • Find My Car functionality

Nwave Wireless Parking Guidance Solution

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Sustainable






Digital Message Signs




Mobile App


Secure Park ID

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Wireless parking guidance systems are driving adoption with lower implementation costs and configuration complexity.






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