Smart Parking Technology that Is Changing the World of Parking

Nwave developed a revolutionary wireless vehicle detection system that is changing the parking landscape forever

Challenges for Parking Space Operators

Demanding Asset Management

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Municipalities, businesses and universities face numerous parking management challenges, such as inconsistent policies, spotty parking, parking in permanently banned areas, and many others.

Traffic Congestion

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Many credible studies claim that around 30% of urban traffic is taken up by vehicles cruising to find a vacant parking space. It is one of the major reasons for congested city centers and a cause of road accidents.

Frustration and Stress

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Some drivers report it may take them up to an hour to park in especially busy areas. This leads to frustration and sometimes conflicts with other drivers. And for local businesses it may lead to lost revenues.

Air Pollution

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Circling around in search for a vacant spot not only causes drivers anxiety but also results in wasted fuel. This in turn results in lost money and an increased amount of exhaust fumes in an already polluted urban environment.

Our Solution

Parking occupancy sensors sending per space data to the cloud apps

Nwave addresses these and other issues in a simple yet amazing and cost-efficient way – it offers organizations a game-changing smart parking sensor technology. Wireless sensors affixed on each parking spot generate data on space occupancy in real time, while the system makes this information available both to operators through backend software, and to drivers, via mobile apps or electronic boards.

Managed Infrastructure

Our smart vehicle detection system employs cutting-edge IoT LPWAN technology, allowing organizations leverage the potential of the Smart City concept.


By implementing Nwave’s parking lot sensor system, parking operators enhance the experience of their customers, minimizing frustration and stress.


The backend app collects data on parking spaces usage and analyzes it, providing parking operators with insights into parking behavior and ideas on optimizing policies.

Nwave Wireless Connectivity

Nwave’s Sensors are as close to wireless-protocol-agnostic as it gets. While for protocol-agnostic solutions we still recommend our Weightless N LPWAN protocol due to it’s exceptional range and power efficiency, our latest-generation sensors also fully support LoRaWAN networks. We can also integrate with SigFox networks if required by our partners’ or end-user’s preferences.

Our Vision of IoT

The Internet of Things is the future of cities, and smart parking technology is its major component. We at Nwave are fully committed to bringing you all the advantages of IoT.

Eco-Friendly City

Nwave’s parking lot technology enables easy and quick way-finding, significantly reducing the time drivers spend searching for free spots. This drives down fuel usage and consequently minimizes car exhausts emissions into the atmosphere.

Policy Improvement

With the help of our wireless vehicle detection system, parking asset operators can make data-driven decisions on optimizing policies and pricing plans. This enables them to distribute traffic evenly throughout parking spaces, encourage alternative transportation use and more.

Increased Safety

Our solution helps minimize traffic in congested neighborhoods, driving down the number of accidents. In addition, unauthorized parking detection can be enabled in such places as loading zones, fire hydrants, ambulance loading points, fire stations, as well as at bus stops and sidewalks.

How Nwave’s Parking Lot Sensor System Works

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Nwave’s sensors are designed to resist high loads and extreme temperatures while requiring no wires and being easy to install.

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The network is maintained as a service by Nwave’s specialists, with no need for upkeep and upgrades on the client’s part of the client.

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Parking occupancy data is either visible to the customer via a dedicated cloud app or integrated with other software.



A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.


A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.


A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

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