Nwave’s EV parking space management solution drives the utilization of EV charging stations to the next level of efficiency and profitability

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are driving the most significant disruption since the invention of the automobile. EVs are now in everyone’s future, with drivers and businesses wondering when not if they’ll own one. A readily available public EV charging infrastructure is essential to consumers and companies alike as they plan to move to an EV.


Nwave Increases Utilization Now

The transition from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to EVs will take at least 15 years, with all vehicles competing for parking spaces today. The need for real-time parking space availability is vital for all types of cars. There are already systems to identify when an EV car is charging, but not for occupancy when the charger is not in use. This is where IoT smart parking sensors come in.


Supercharge Your Customer Experience

Unlike early adopters who will readily drive an extra mile to test new technology, the average consumer demands convenience and predictability equivalent to a gas station experience. With that in mind, the EV charging experience has a long way to go to compete with the gas pump. Still, smart parking offers real-time EV parking availability, nearby locations, and the option to reserve a space to make the current EV charging experience more convenient and accessible.


Manage ICE-ing Inefficiency

Fast and rapid chargers require considerable investment, planning for permissions, grid access, digging, and installation. Charger infrastructure is more common in popular, high turnover areas where parking availability is at a premium, leading to an increased probability of ICE vehicles parking in the EV-designated spaces. Nwave’s real-time visibility of parking without charging violations can proactively manage and control usage and violations, improving efficiency and ROI.


Deploy Infrastructure in High Demand Areas

Making EV charging available where it is in the highest demand is critical.
Highly accurate real-time availability data is mission-critical both from a customer point of view and investment planning perspective. Nwave’s real-time parking data allows decision-makers to maximize the use of the existing infrastructure while reducing the costs associated with expanding their overall EV charging network.


Improve Utilization of Commercial EV Charging Depot

EVs deployed for e-commerce delivery and courier services are skyrocketing, driving the demand for centralized public EV charging stations. Drivers and operators must get real-time EV charging availability during peak hours to increase the operating efficiency of the EV charging depots. Deploying Nwave’s wireless parking sensors in each charging space would empower Commercial EV Depot’s operator with real time and historical data to optimize each individual Depot’s and the overall network’s utilization.

Components of a Smart EV Parking Solution

As EVs become more mainstream and EV infrastructure expands, there are many factors necessary to successful integration. It’s essential to create the most convenient experience to make a seamless transition to their EV. Parking owners and operators can do so by implementing Nwave smart parking solutions to enable drivers to locate available EV spaces, make a reservation, navigate to the space, and pay.

Our Clients

Nwave has already helped multiple colleges and universities to leverage the potential of smart parking.

Nwave is the new standard in smart parking sensors systems

  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • Up to 10 years battery life
  • Up to 3 mile range
  • 5 seconds detection time
  • Low-profile, surface- and flush-mount
  • SDI Technology
  • Firmware updates over Bluetooth
  • Replaceable battery
  • Extended flexible APIs
  • Parking data analytics
  • Per-space availability info
  • Aggregate vehicle count info


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