Many places have no power or internet connectivity. Businesses operating in these areas have been left behind in the Digital Transformation suffering from inefficiency and lack of knowledge and insight.

With Nwave’s ultra long-range, power-sipping secured wireless IoT network – sensors can be self-powering for up to 10 years. Our UnWired IoTTM communications solution is enabling smarter applications for parking, metering, traffic management, farming, livestock, forestry, oil & gas pipelines, asset management, supply chain and security in places never before possible. Today we’re enabling Unwired IoTTM in city spaces, rural farms, and remote terrains, where sensor-captured data is being fed to applications that make the world a better place to live.

Nwave has offices in the UK, Dallas, the Bay Area, and Eastern Europe, and is rapidly extending its reach through its global ecosystem of technology and solution partners. Come join us in powering the UnWired IoTTM revolution.