Nwave is a Revolutionary Solution for Smart Parking Management Systems

The Nwave parking sensor systems is the foundation of any successful smart parking projects where accuracy, reliability, cost, and low environmental impact are key. Nwave sensors and APIs can complement solutions from other parking technology companies or can serve as a single standard foundation for a wide range of parking project settings, data granularity, parking data analytics and functionality requirements.

  • Curb-side

  • Off-street

  • Garages

  • Per-space

  • Zone count

  • Lane count

  • Occupancy

  • Driver ID

  • Permits

Nwave Smart Parking Sensor

Nwave is the new standard in smart parking sensors systems

  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • Up to 10 years battery life
  • Up to 3 mile range
  • 5 seconds detection time
  • Low-profile, surface- and flush-mount
  • SDI Technology
  • Firmware updates over Bluetooth
  • Replaceable battery
  • Extended flexible APIs
  • Parking data analytics
  • Per-space availability info
  • Aggregate vehicle count info

Fast track your next parking project

Nwave sensors are the foundation of successful smart parking projects where accuracy, reliability, cost, and low environmental impact are essential. 

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Introducing Nwave
Secure Driver Identification

Bluetooth Secure Driver Identification Smart Parking Tag

BT Tag

Nwave Bluetooth Smart Parking Sensor
Bluetooth Mobile Phone Secure Driver Identification


Nwave sensors feature secure vehicle and driver identification via BT Tags or Mobile App. Secure Driver Identification technology powers advanced car park solutions such as visitor and permit management (VIP, disabled, EV), space reservation, contactless payments, and other parking control applications.

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Best-in-Class Car Park Solution

In addition to providing best-in-class sensors and API’s, through our global network of Parking Technology Companies, Nwave can deliver a complete range of smart parking solutions including digital signage, mobile App, parking data analytics, contactless payment and reservation solutions.

  • Parking Management & Reporting

  • Parking Guidance Systems

  • Permit Management

  • Vehicle Counting
  • Drive Through Lanes Monitoring

  • Hybrid Solutions: Counting + Per-Space

  • Smart City
  • Smart Campus
  • Commercial & Mixed Use Real Estate
  • Public & Private Parking Facility Management

  • Event Parking Management

  • EV Charging Spaces Monitoring

The vehicle detection sensor designed to fit every environment

Three different casing designs for a perfect fit into any operating environment: no snow, mild winter and heavy snow.

Nwave Surface Mount Smart Parking Sensor

Surface Mount Smart Parking Sensor

Nwave Snow Plow Smart Parking Sensor

Surface Mount Snow Plow Resistant Smart Parking Sensor

Nwave Flush Mount Smart Parking Sensor

Flush Mount (In-Ground) Smart Parking Sensor

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Nwave Makes Your Smart Parking Management System Pre & Post-COVID Ready

Nwave’s sensors generate accurate data per-spot parking detection and occupancy in real-time and transmit it to Nwave’s cloud, making the analyzed information available to drivers via mobile navigation apps and digital signage, guiding them in real-time to the nearest open spot.

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