The world’s most advanced smart parking ground sensor solution:

• Wireless vehicle detection sensors with 10Х the accuracy

• Disruptive wireless Infrastructure with 16X better power efficiency

• 2X thinner profile, compact design

• Advanced Solutions with Secure Driver Identification technology

Nwave Smart Parking Solution

Welcome to the new world of smart parking management! Nwave’s highly accurate and low total-cost system for individual management of each spot allows all of your parking assets to perform at their peak, while preserving end-user’s privacy. Our technology enables access to real-time accurate individual parking spot availability and to use this data with popular navigation mobile apps (way-finding) or integrate the solution with your custom mobile app to reduce parking stress, traffic congestion and air pollution. Our core value proposition is simple – best smart parking sensors and best APIs for modern, real-time, highly scalable applications.

Nwave offers both end-customer applications, as well as makes its advanced IoT-sensor technology available to Parking Solution partners for integration into their end-user applications.

World’s Most Advanced Parking Sensor

Wireless Parking Space Sensor

The Nwave wireless parking occupancy sensor is key to an advanced parking solution that can address a multitude of modern day parking challenges. Boasting a very long battery life and communication range, our sensors are easily affixed into each parking spot and require no wiring. The data generated by a network of sensors is gathered by a gateway and then passed through Nwave’s cloud IoT platform to the Mobile or Desktop Apps applications via flexible API’s. Nwave sensors boast a range of technical specifications that significantly exceed those of competitive products. Please visit the “Smart Parking Sensor” section or click the link below to learn more about our sensor technology and specifications. Technical characteristics (specs) of parking sensors are not just “technical specs” – these translate directly into additional revenue earned or money not spent on the costs, thus should be considered as important KPI’s for a smart parking project. Please check out this blog post to learn more about the importance of the sensor KPI’s for a modern parking solution.

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Why Choose nwave?

World’s most advanced ground sensor technology enabling reliable, complaint-free and cost-efficient smart parking solutions

  • Very high detection accuracy (99.7% vs. avg. of 95%). Nwave technology utilizes 3 different sensors built into each sensor and complex statistical algorithms to deliver highly accurate occupancy data
  • Long battery life (up to 10r years vs. avg. of 3-5 years for surface-mount sensors)
  • Very long range from sensors to base station/gateway (up to 3mi in the open vs. up to avg. of 0.2-0.7 mi)
  • Fast detection time (5-7 sec. vs. avg. 30-40 sec.)
  • Low-profile design for surface-mount sensors (20mm (¾”) in height vs. avg. of 30-40mm)

Time- and customer-proven solution

  • Nwave technology is used in over 20 parking on-street and off-street projects in US and UK for a range of blue-chip enterprises and large municipalities, with over 18,500 Nwave parking sensors deployed to date
  • Nwave sensor-based solution allows to solve parking problems and provide advanced functionality while avoiding privacy concerns linked to camera-based solutions

Secure Driver Identification (SDI) Technology

Our proprietary Bluetooth Secure Driver Identification technology enables advanced applications such as contactless payments and access control for every parking spot

Fluent integration with 3rd -party software platforms

  • Extended “push” and “pull” API’s make sensor data easy to integrate into a wide range of parking monitoring, navigation, mobile payment and management analytics apps
  • Nwave specializes in building tailored solutions to meet each customer’s needs

Cost savings on sensor installation and maintenance

  • Surface-mount Nwave sensors offer significant advantage in installation and future maintenance costs vs. flush (in-ground) sensors
  • Nwave Installation Mobile App makes it easy to install, upgrade, calibrate and replace Nwave sensors, taking on average 30 seconds for sensor install, compared to the industry’s average of 5–10 minutes

Our Projects

Student Restricted Parking


Integrate the Nwave technology with way-finding and payment apps to help drivers find vacant spots easily. Optimize the use of parking assets around the grounds of your college or university by detecting underused parking lots and spaces and directing traffic to them. Make use of lots with excess spots to generate revenue. The system is installed, serviced and managed for you by Nwave and our partners.

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Easy parking in the city


Optimize traffic around the city center and especially busy neighborhoods, making them a better place for your citizens to live and move around. Enable free spot way-finding, mobile payments, unauthorized parking detection, and make use of overstay detection functionality. Take advantage of the technology to generate more revenue while providing more choices and relief to the drivers utilizing your parking assets.

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Smart parking in the city


Make use of real-time and post-event data to manage employee parking spot way-finding with mobile apps and/or digital signage. The smart parking system is managed for you as a service by Nwave, saving your company’s employees and visitors’ time on circling around and letting you focus on what’s really important – doing your job. Enable and enforce carpooling, VIP, EV, visitor and briefing center parking.

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Our revolutionary smart parking technology is the real game changer, opening up a host of applications previously unavailable at scale either technically or economically. Such services as one touch mobile parking payments, dynamic pricing, overstay detection, shared economy smart parking, macro parking management are delivering great user experience to your customers and far reaching planning data for you. Nwave’s wireless IoT system can be integrated with various mobile applications, helping app vendors meet the needs of their customers without limiting their apps’ functionality or affecting performance.

Smart Parking

Long-range, power-efficient, secure wireless solution with sensors self-powering for up to a decade.

Data Analytics

Real-time and post-event intelligence providing you with actionable insights into drivers’ behavior.

Advanced IoT Infrastructure

Leveraging proprietary Low Power Wide Area (LPWAN) Weightless N wireless protocol for exceptional range and power efficiency. Also support LoRaWAN protocol.

The Power of Big Data

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The intelligence generated by Nwave vehicle detection sensors has far more uses than just free spot finding and overstay detection. When accumulated over time, the data shows what spaces are not utilized efficiently and allows effective decision-making on optimizing traffic in these areas. This helps to solve the problem of traffic congestion in city centers, drive down the number of road accidents, generate revenue from underused spaces, and minimize the drivers’ frustration.


Smit Johnson

A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Smit Johnson

A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Smit Johnson

A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

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