Wireless PGS for Healthcare

Reducing stress and improving parking experience for patients, visitors and staff.

Navigating to an available parking space can be a very stressful experience for anyone arriving to a modern health care facility, including patients, visitors, special-needs visitors, and staff.

Elevating the parking experience for patients and staff

With patients frequently arriving in a hurry and already stressed in a case of an emergency, removing the parking stress and anxiety from the arrival process would not only go a long way towards keeping your patients and visitors happy, but can also mean a difference in the health outcome for a patient arriving for an emergency care.

Nwave full-matrix full-color bright LED displays provide intuitive navigation to available spaces for each user group, including ADA, EV drivers. Large full-matrix screens allow using over-size fonts and graphics to improve user experience for customers with special vision needs.

Hospital staff is your most valuable resource in serving the patients. The faster your highly-trained and well-paid staff find their parking spaces, the more time they will be spending doing what they really come for to work every day – helping patients and saving lives.

Nwave Wireless PGS – a perfect fit for a typical healthcare facility

With a mix of different types of parking assets (outdoor lots, garages, covered parking), special categories of spaces to manage (visitors, staff, contractors), Nwave’s Wireless Parking Guidance Solution is a great fit for a typical healthcare facility.

Nwave Wireless PGS system helps to take the driver experience to a new level of convenience, while increasing utilization of the available parking assets – and doing it at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired and camera-based PGS systems. Via a reach set of open APIs, it can also seamlessly integrate and complement your other existing parking hardware and software systems (PARCS, LPR, etc.)

In addition to saving time to park, Nwave’s Secure Park ID technology can enable advanced parking solutions for you staff and customers, such as reservations and payments solutions, while also providing access control capabilities and driver-specific analytics for the operator.

Nwave Wireless PGS Benefits

  • For Drivers:

  • Guiding to available spaces in real time

  • Improved access to special-category spaces

  • Intuitive DMSs to assist all categories of drivers

  • Parking availability and wayfinding on the phone

  • For Owners & Operators:

  • Actionable analytics insights

  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction

  • Flexible, modular and cost-efficient solution

  • Minimal disruptions to operations during deployment

  • Seamless integration with PARCS, LPR, etc.

Nwave Wireless PGS Architecture & Components

  • Nwave wireless vehicle detection sensors (in per-space or counting mode)

  • Real time, historical and analytics APIs

  • Wireless Matrix Digital Message Signs (DMS)

  • Analytics Dashboard

  • Mobile Driver App

  • Secure Park ID








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Nwave Wireless Parking Guidance Solution

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Sustainable

See examples of Nwave Wireless PGS projects in municipalities, universities, high-tech enterprises, airports and healthcare.






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