Smart Parking Sensors: Cost


A lot of factors and considerations go into the design of a smart parking system and hence affect the overall solution cost. The specifics of the communication infrastructure deployment, software features, integration requirements, maintenance costs are probably the most important things influencing the cost. Of course, car detection sensors are the key element of any smart parking system but with some technologies this hardware cost may account for less than a half of a total solution price.

Nwave’s pricing policy

At Nwave we are completely taking the complexity out of defining the price of a smart parking solution. We believe our clients need real-time parking availability data and should not be bothered with nuts and bolts of radio planning and communications infrastructure or dwell into nuances of road surface drilling. Nwave’s disruptive radio innovation enables us to provide coverage as a service and connect virtually unlimited number of thin surface mount wireless sensors with just one base station, while keeping the price down. So our smart parking system’s pricing is real simple. There are only two factors affecting the price:

  • the number of vehicle detection sensors needed;
  • the list of software services the infrastructure will use.

The cost of delivery and installing smart parking hardware is included in the final price. Besides, the price includes out-of-the-box back-end software which is serviced and updated by our team throughout the whole system’s life-cycle. It monitors the health of the hardware in real time and provides alerting on any anomalies or even short time loss of connectivity. Our backend software also includes API integration modules for mobile applications or other software for providing parking occupancy data. Otherwise, the customer can choose to integrate the system with a custom back-end solution of their choice or may need to add some highly customized features to the software. Here, some extra costs may be needed, so the final price may depend on the specifics of a customization.

Solution’s assessment

Solution’s assessment

Our work starts with evaluating of the existing infrastructure and estimating the number of sensors needed. Then, together with the client we make a decision on how drivers will be guided to vacant spots, which may be by means of digital signage, mobile applications or both. Whichever the choice, we will integrate it into the system. Last, the customer decides whether they are going to use the existing cloud solution for back-end operations, such as management and data analytics. The customer may also choose to integrate the Nwave Data with a custom solution of the client’s choice.

Delivery and implementation

Delivery and implementation

Once the smart parking management system design is complete, Nwave will deliver the hardware to the site for installation. Installing a single sensor is very quick and takes only a minute. The entire installation process usually takes a day or two, depending on the number of sensors to be installed. A crew of 3 people can install up 500 sensors per day.

Our API is easily integrated into most applications. We provide the customer with training and documentation, which comes at no extra cost. Finally, we test the entire system.

Our deployment work process


Assessing the existing infrastructure


Choosing a front-end solution (digital signage/mobile app)


Installing the vehicle detection hardware


Connecting the system to Nwave’s cloud back-end software, analytics dashboard and/or the client’s custom solution


Providing training and instructions to the customer’s staff


Testing the entire smart parking solution’s performance

How many sensors Nwave can provide

Our customers include municipalities, enterprises, and universities, and they choose Nwave for its system’s high efficiency, ease of use and competitive cost. Such organizations have parking facilities of different size, needing different numbers of sensors, from hundreds to thousands. The orders of less than 1,000 sensors are typically delivered within 2 weeks depending on stock availability, fulfillment of larger orders may take 4-9 weeks.

Our Clients

Here at Nwave, we have already helped multiple colleges and universities to leverage the potential of smart parking.

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A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.


A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.


A born leader, Terry’s skills include extended coffee breaks, paid vacations, and mergers and acquisitions.

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