Smart Parking Partnership Opportunities

Let our groundbreaking innovation drive your own success

Nwave supports a strong partner program that allows parking application and parking solutions companies to leverage our breakthrough per-spot smart parking infrastructure in their product service offerings. We‘ll show you how you can utilize our wireless sensor technology to deliver new and lucrative smart parking services, help you integrate the cloud based data into your backend and mobile apps, and help you close deals. We stand behind your customer service team to deliver exceptional customer care.


Why partner with Nwave?


Breakthrough per-spot data collection

Having accurate real-time occupancy data on a per-spot basis allows for new and lucrative service offerings

Low cost sensors and network service

Nwave’s breakthrough technology allows for ultra-low cost sensor deployment enabling quick customer ROI

Managed wireless network

We manage the entire infrastructure for you, letting you focus on selling your services and developing your apps

Exceptional technical and customer support

Support is provided at every stage, from adoption to app integration to customer service

Feeling inspired to team up with Nwave? We are too!

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