Detection Perfection – Accuracy is the Name of the Game

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

Estimated reading time: 7 min

In this age of rapidly advancing and ever-accelerating technological progress, many ideas deemed impossible yesterday are transformed into reality today. In the domain of object detection, for example, Google’s best algorithms could only recognize a cat in a photo “just” 70% of the time in 2012. Now, Google’s AI is able to distinguish among 5,000 animal species, identify hundreds of dog and cat breeds … Read More

Plug and Play Smart Parking

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

Estimated reading time: 5 min

Opening the business series of blog publications focused on real-time parking management, we thought it would be best to begin by outlining quality and up-to-date perspectives of industry professionals, rather than describing our own view of the space at length. The smart parking space is very broad and information sometimes seems fragmented, so the plan was to write an … Read More

Throw Your Technology Under the Bus

Yury Birchenko, CTONews

Estimated reading time: 4 min
Video time: 2 min

At Nwave we are starting off a series of blog articles on one of the key Smart City concepts – real-time parking management. There is quite a lot to discuss about both business and technology. The tech topics include low-power radio communication systems, the physics behind vehicle detection, choice of most appropriate sensor installation method, parking Big Data insights, and … Read More