Development kit

This Development Kit is purposed to give user a capability to evaluate and use RM3 radio module and a software library in a variety of different applications. It is typically used in such application field as telemetry, but can find a wider applying, e.g. radio networks with ultra low power consumption.

Download Datasheet

Key features:

  • Easy USB connection to PC or direct UART interface
  • AT-commands set via UART / USB-Serial to work in the modem mode
  • Capability to embed up to 128 KB* of user firmware on MCU flash including communication API supplied as a library


  • Access to all Cortex-M3 features and the EFM32G210F128 or EFM32TG210F32 MCU peripherals
  • Programming templates and examples of simple telemetry applications
  • Support for ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS)