LIDL GB chooses Nwave Wireless PGS for it’s new HQ

LIDL, Tolworth, GB


With the upcoming relocation to its new British Headquarters in Tolworth, LIDL GB was looking for a new smart parking solution for the new office. With over 1000 employees working in the office and its central Multi Story Car Park (MSCP) facility limited to 300 spaces, increasing the efficiency of the parking facility was paramount. With the expectation of MSCP being unable to fill the parking demand, LIDL was also planning to rent up to 80 spaces on the nearby surface lot as an “overflow” location during periods of high demand. Providing real-time availability and historical usage data for both facilities was critical to maximizing utilization and improving employee experience.

Given the corporate culture of excellence and cost-efficiency, LIDL GB was looking for a smart parking system that would provide excellent functionality and cost-efficiency during the planning and installation phases and during operations.

Real time real availability and historical usage data are critical to maximize utilization and improve employee experience.


After reviewing multiple options, including traditional wired overhead sensor-based and camera-based systems, LIDL GB chose the wireless Nwave PGS system based on its accuracy, ease of installation, analytics functionality, and cost efficiency.

The Nwave wireless PGS system deployed at the LIDL house included the following:

  • Nwave per-space wireless sensors installed in each parking space in the MSCP and the overflow surface lot,
  • Entrance pedestal-style Digital Message Sign (DMS),
  • Full-matrix indoor directional DMSs,
  • Nwave Analytics Dashboard for real-time and historical data analysis.

Complete PGS deployment took less than one week instead of weeks and months for a comparable wired PGS system.

London, UK: LIDL Chooses Nwave Wireless PGS 1
London, UK: LIDL Chooses Nwave Wireless PGS 2

The Nwave dashboard analytics platform delivers real-time and historical data for different levels, space types, and facilities. For LIDL, historical analysis indicated a very high average utilization level of the MSCP, with most popular floors reaching nearly 100% utilization most of the time. Several months of utilization data concluded that while some levels of the MSCP were regularly at capacity, others still had vacancies. LIDL to stop renting the overflow spaces in favor of increasing the utilization of the under-used floors at the MSCP, a decision that saved LIDL more than ten thousand GBP per month, demonstrating a quick win for the value generated by Nwave PGS.

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