Universal Modem

The Nwave UMI (Universal Modem Interface) is designed to integrate with all major sensor and telemetry interfaces, enabling sensors and devices to wirelessly transmit real-time data over long ranges in an Nwave network. Making use of the Nwave UMI, connected devices can operate in any location worldwide, ensuring maximum availability and reliability, whilst greatly simplifying the device installation process. The Nwave UMI is an low-cost, low-impact entry point for those wishing to rapidly and simply connect devices in order to receive the benefits of the internet of things.

Key features:

  • License-exempt ISM radio band
  • Proprietary radio protocol
  • Ultra-low power consumption give battery life of several years
  • User-friendly web interface and data API


  • 10km transmission range in urban environments
  • License-exempt ISM radio band
  • Plug and play interface with devices