Parking Management Software

Nwave IoT Based Smart Parking System

The Nwave parking management software and smart sensors power your wireless car parking monitoring system providing all of the necessary tools to operate with minimal effort and no programming skills required.

  • Smart Parking Implementation

  • Smart Parking Maintenance and Support

  • Smart Parking Integration

  • Parking monitoring system analysis and design

  • Infrastructure Design

Learn more about how Nwave’s parking management software can help your organization implement an IoT Based Smart Parking System.

Parking Lot Management Software Integration

Nwave’s parking management software can power your smart parking monitoring system with rapid configuration, deployment and easy integration with client infrastructure.

Data Integration

Nwave Wireless LPWAN gathers data collected by Nwave’s advanced vehicle detection sensors, organizing it in a meaningful way with our parking management software, and allowing the client to get a full view of parking real estate asset performance while also giving drivers access to monitoring parking lots in real time.

Backend Integration

We offer our clients the opportunity to choose between running the parking monitoring system from a dedicated IoT cloud-based backend application maintained by Nwave or integrating it with a third-party on-premise or cloud solution of the customer’s choice.

Mobile Integration

Our parking monitoring system and parking lot management software are designed to work seamlessly with the most popular spot way-finding and payment applications, including Parkopedia, ParkHub, Appy Parking, Japa, and more. We guarantee unmatched app performance and functionality at the lowest cost.

Network Security

The Nwave car parking management system software is suitable for use with payment applications where data privacy and security are critical. All financial transactions and sensitive user data sent over the networks are secure.

Learn more about how Nwave’s parking management system software can help your organization implement its parking monitoring system.