A highly configurable, flexible, robust and easy-to-install evolution from expensive and restrictive wired systems

The Nwave wireless cloud-based PGS platform streamlines operations, improves revenue, increases asset use, and reduces emissions while making parking fast and easy.

Nwave battery-powered wireless sensors, wirelessly controlled DMS displays, Mobile User App and Analytics Dashboard work together to delivery a cost-effective PGS solution in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Nwave can complement your existing PGS solution architecture, or can deliver a complete PGS solution via a network of solution partners or directly in certain markets.

A Nwave’s Wireless Parking Guidance Solution

automated parking guidance system
  • Universal PGS platform for all facility types including covered, rooftops, outdoor.
  • Up to 10x cost reduction vs. wired systems.
  • Per-space availability and total vehicle counting modes.
  • Robust, long-range wireless coverage with 2x-3x redundancy – even in built environments.
  • The modular design minimizes pre-planning, easily adapts to changes, and scales with your project.
  • Efficient and cost-effective visual guidance of traffic flows via DMS displays.
  • Clean view, no “visual clutter”, reduced AFF clearance challenges.
  • Extended APIs for easy integration into mobile apps and dashboards.
  • Fewer potential failure points, higher operational reliability.
  • Cost-effective for managing small and stand-alone projects (EV chargers, loading zones, etc.).
  • Access control capabilities.

Nwave Parking Guidance Solution Platform

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Sustainable

Nwave Wireless Sensors

Nwave sensors operating in per-space mode capture occupancy in real-time with 99.9% accuracy and can optimize utilization in near-capacity garages by filling every open spot.

An automated parking guidance system powered by Nwave sensors, deployed in ingress and egress lanes in vehicle counter mode provide 99%+ accurate total vehicle count, and can be combined with per-space sensors in select high-value spaces to deliver cost-effective “hybrid” solutions.

Flexible & Intuitive Signage

Directional Digital Messaging Signs (DMS) are a “must” component of parking guidance solutions for effective traffic flow management for any built facilities.

Individual overhead wired space availability lights are an expensive “nice to have” complement to DMSs that provide only limited “last turn” incremental value, while significantly increasing overall costs and visual clutter.

Nwave RGB LED DMS matrix displays can be programmed to display any combination of text information, shapes and images.

Wireless display controllers (via WiFi, 4G, LoRaWAN) simplify installation, reduce installation cost and increase operational reliability.

Parking Guidance Mobile User App

Mobile User App showing parking availability at the planned destination allows drivers to pre-plan their trip and navigate drivers to selected locations while providing real-time parking guidance updates during the trip.

Parking guidance mobile App functionality can be delivered via APIs integration into your existing App or via Nwave white-labeled Navigation App.

Parking Management Analytics

Start your day with actionable parking management insights based on the historical occupancy trends, heat maps, and real-time data.

Nwave extended APIs deliver a live, 360° view of parking peak hours, volume, turnover, duration of stay, capacity, and more in real-time – that can be easily integrated into your existing parking management platform or accessed via Nwave Analytics Dashboard.

Nwave Dashboard allows operators to adjust parking lot configuration, usage, time limits, pricing, and parking guidance for the best customer experience and improved revenue and profit.

Improved System Reliability

Electric and data cable or connection failures of wired parking guidance systems can be difficult to locate and resolve.

Power or data connection failure of a single row of wired sensors can lead to a loss of the total parking management system’s accuracy.

Unlike fully wired and semi-wireless parking guidance solutions that still rely on electricity to power their sensors/cameras. Nwave PGS platform ensures that any local electric failure does not impact the functionality and accuracy of the overall automated parking guidance system.

In case of a local electric power failure, battery-powered sensors, backed up by 2-3x redundant long-range wireless base station coverage, ensure that all parking availability data continues to flow to the cloud, ensuring continuous operation and accuracy of the Parking Guidance Mobile App, operational Digital Signage and Analytics Dashboard.

A Sustainable Solution

Immediate reduction of C02 emissions due to less idling and searching for parking.

Up to 10-year sensor battery life eliminates the need for hard-wiring devices to AC power, reduces cost and energy usage.

Replaceable battery design in the sensor for the longest product life.

Easy configuration for dedicated EV charging stations.

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