WJB Dorn VA Columbia, SC, chooses Nwave Wireless PGS system

Columbia, SC, USA


WJB Dorn Veterans Affairs healthcare facility located in Columbia, SC, is a very typical US healthcare facility, with the corresponding typical parking challenges. A large healthcare facility campus, with multiple buildings, thousands of visitors per day and with several hundred staff of staff driving and parking every day, all sharing multiple open surface, covered surface and garage facilities, with over 2,000 total parking spaces.

Visitor/patients Lots 1 and 1a, located right in front of the main entrance to the hospital, presented a particular challenge to the hospital’s parking management team, with very heavy daily traffic, all patients hoping to find parking closest to the entrance to the hospital, leading to traffic regular traffic jams right in front of the facility, frequently blocking access to buses and emergency vehicles.

In addition to regular parking spaces, these parking spaces feature of 30 designated ADA spaces, split among multiple sections of the two parking lots. With the closest area getting full first, this created a similar challenge to ADA drivers – driving around in search of the closest available space, circling between the multiple locations and contributing to the traffic congestion.


After reviewing multiple options, including traditional wired overhead sensor-based and camera-based systems, the Hospital’s management made a selection in favor of the wireless Nwave PGS system based on its accuracy, ease of installation, analytics functionality and cost efficiency.

While only two highest-priority lots being outfitted with a solution for the current phase, the Hospital is looking to scale this solution to other patient, visitor and employee lots in the future. Given the varying nature of these facilities, Nwave’s system presented a perfect fit solution that can be deployed in all of the various asset types they needed to manage

The Nwave wireless PGS system deployed at WJB Dorn Hospital included.

  • Nwave per-space wireless sensors installed in each parking space in Lots 1 and 1A (410 total spaces),
  • A single roof-top installation of the base stations, providing complete wireless coverage for sensors control and DMS on both lots, with extra coverage available for future expansions.
  • Three outdoor Digital Message Signs with oversized fonts and graphics to direct both regular and ADA drivers to available spaces in Lots 1 and 1A,
  • Nwave Analytics Dashboard for real-time and historical data analysis
  • Driver Mobile App – to assist visitors with pre-trip planning and real-time navigation to available space

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