Nwave’s wireless PGS significantly simplifies the planning and installation process, making all PGS types easy to scale, modify and grow with a facility.

Wireless adhesive-installed sensors can be re-positioned as necessary to optimize locations for sensor counters and add or remove sensors in designated spaces. As the projects evolve, wireless Nwave PGS simplifies adapting to new conditions and can easily re-program, add new or move existing DMSs and add or remove wireless sensors.

Choosing a PGS solution comes down to choosing two main domains:

  • Type of Vehicle Detecting/Sensing solution
  • Type of In-Facility Wayfinding solution

The selection of the vehicle detecting/sensing solution largely defines the selection of the wayfinding solution. If you gather only ingress/egress total vehicle count data for the entire facility, you cannot do any level or directional wayfinding inside of the facility, simply because you do not have the data.

In addition to the available data granularity, the layout of the facility and the budget/costs considerations will, typically, be primary drivers for selecting the optimal type and number of the hardware elements for a specific infacility wayfinding solution. As discussed earlier, we believe that a combination of entrance, level and directional DMSs provide the best value-vs-costs approach for a majority of built facilities.

Nwave can complement your existing PGS solution architecture or deliver a complete solution.