A simple example of how Nwave’s Wireless Parking Guidance Systems works

  • Nwave wireless sensors operating in per-space mode capture occupancy in real-time with 99.9% accuracy and can optimize utilization in near-capacity garages by filling every open spot. Nwave sensors, deployed in ingress and egress lanes in vehicle counter mode provide 99%+ accurate total vehicle count, and can be combined with per-space sensors in select high-value spaces to deliver cost-effective “hybrid” solutions.
  • Nwave Directional Digital Messaging Signs (DMS) provide effective traffic flow management for any built facilities. Nwave RGB LED DMS matrix displays can be programmed to display any combination of text information, shapes and images. Wireless display controllers (via WiFi, 4G, LoRaWAN) simplify installation, reduce installation cost and increase operational reliability.
  • Nwave’s Mobile User App shows parking availability helping drivers to pre-plan their trip and navigate drivers to selected locations while providing real-time parking guidance updates during the trip. Parking guidance mobile App functionality can be delivered via APIs integration into your existing App or via Nwave white-labeled Navigation App.
  • Nwave’s Analytics Dashboard gives you actionable analytics based on historical trends, heat maps and real-time data. Nwave’s extended APIs deliver a live, 360° view of parking peak hours, volume, turnover, duration of stay, capacity, and more in real-time – that can be easily integrated into your existing parking management platform or accessed via Nwave Analytics Dashboard.