Nwave’s wireless alternative is game-changing for facilities that need a less expensive, flexible, and highly accurate PGS.

Wired PGS is costly to install and maintain, has accuracy issues, is inflexible with limited facility installation locations, typically indoors only, and is not compatible with specific environmental conditions and settings.

Nwave’s Wireless PGS Overview: 

  • Universal PGS platform for all facility types including covered, rooftops, outdoor
  • Up to 10x cost reduction vs. wired systems
  • Per-space availability and total vehicle counting modes
  • Robust, long-range wireless coverage with 2x-3x redundancy – even in built environments
  • Modular design minimizes pre-planning, easily adapts to changes, and scales with your project
  • Efficient and cost-effective visual guidance of traffic flows via DMS displays
  • Clean view, no “visual clutter”, reduced AFF clearance challenges
  • Extended APIs for easy integration into mobile apps and dashboards
  • The Nwave wireless sensor has a replaceable battery with a 10-year life for zero to very little maintenance.

Nwave Wireless PGS can improve system reliability:

  • Electric and data cable or connection failures on wired PGS systems can be difficult to locate and resolve.
  • Power or data connection failure of a single row of wired sensors can lead to a loss of the total system’s accuracy.
  • Unlike fully wired and semi-wireless systems that still rely on electricity to power their sensors/cameras, Nwave PGS platform ensures that any local electric failure does not impact the functionality and accuracy of the overall system.
  • In case of a local electric power failure, battery-powered sensors, backed up by 2-3x redundant long-range wireless base station coverage, ensure that all parking availability data continues to flow to the cloud, ensuring continuous operation and accuracy of the Mobile App, operational Digital Signage and Analytics Dashboard.