London, UK – October 10, 2022Nwave, a leading provider of wireless vehicle detection sensors, will present its new wireless Parking Guidance System (PGS) featuring its fourth-generation vehicle detection sensor and new Digital Message Signs (DMS) at the Smart Buildings Show 2022 Conference and Expo, 12-13 October, ExCel, London, Stand A31.

Visiting a building often begins with parking. Beyond a general need to efficiently find parking, there is a growing demand for more granular and accurate management of certain space types: EV, visitor, disabled, pool, etc.

Wiring was the accepted industry standard in the early era of Smart Building Parking Guidance systems and for decades, there have been few alternatives. Wired PGS is costly to install and maintain, has accuracy issues, is inflexible with limited facility installation locations, typically indoor only, and not compatible with certain environmental conditions and settings. A wireless alternative is game-changing for small and large facilities who need a less expensive, flexible, and highly accurate PGS.

“G4, our fourth-generation LoRaWAN compatible wireless parking sensor with new patent-pending detection technology, is effectively creating a new category of sensors,” said Paul Ilyasov, CEO of Nwave. “Nwave sensors are easily installed and accurate in every facility, including EMI-reach environments and outdoors in the harshest weather conditions. And the new Nwave G4 sensor detects every vehicle type, including small, high clearance, and electric.”

Key Nwave PGS features:

  • G4 offers a broader range of radio-protocols support, including LoRaWAN and Bluetooth, which allows Nwave to better serve customers in the Smart Buildings market, where these two protocols are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Nwave’s flexible architecture combines car counting and per-space sensing to strike the right balance between the total solution cost and required accuracy to manage non-standard space categories.
  • With the addition of wireless Digital Message Signs (DMS), and an expanded library of analytics APIs, Nwave can deploy wireless PGS solutions even faster and with a richer set of functionalities for parking administrators and drivers.
  • Nwave’s solutions are available through its growing global partner and value-added reseller network. Many solutions providers and integrators leverage Nwave’s open and flexible architecture as a key advantage: secure data integration can be managed at the wireless protocol level or via cloud-based APIs.

About Nwave

Nwave is powering the world’s leading high-tech enterprises and real estate projects. Because there are no cables, planning and deployment are flexible and fast, with installation and launch typically requiring a tenth of the time of traditional systems. Originally designed for outdoor environments, wireless sensors are becoming increasingly popular in indoor environments due to the ease and simplicity of installation.